Hi There,


We just heard from Nick H. that a new litter of pups was born in the past few days and that he will be adopting one of the males.


Nick's dad, Mike, and I will be caring for the new Grandpup when Nick is travelling from time to time.  We can't wait!  We all loved his dear Audrey so much and were devastated to lose her.


Mike and I totally fell in love with Great Danes due to our experiences with Audrey and we were wondering if there are any females in the litter just born.  We were thinking that we might want to adopt one of our very own as well!  We do have a Bouvier female that is six years old.  I would not anticipate that having a new Dane puppy full time would cause any problem for either dog, but we would appreciate your thoughts and comments.


You sound like a wonderful and responsible breeder just judging from all the comments and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Jeri Schumacher