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Bob and Linda Teller 

What beautiful dogs!  We have loved the breed for a long time and have just started considering adopting one.  Thank you for your time on the phone for visiting with us.
Bob and Linda Teller

Suzanne & John  

We recently lost our beloved Great Dane after 9 years.  Are looking for a mature dane to become a family member.

Debbie Doan 

We have been looking for a Great Dane and found your site.  Hopefully we will be able to adopt one of your "kids" and make them a part of our loving family!


I look at this site a couple times a month. While growing up I had a great Dane "Bossy". She was the best dog ever. Now that I have my own children the dog I would love to have is a Dane. I am hoping to talk my husband into one soon!


My family already owns a mantle we adopted from another place but we are looking for another Dane to adopt into our family and your sweet faced baby blues are gorgeous! I am hoping one day we can get one of your sweet babies! I've looking at your website for a while. Great job you do and I love your passion and love for the greatest breed known to all.

Amanda Amy and Hattie Belle 

Hello there,
    Just wanted to stop in and say hello, We love looking at all of your beautiful babies! We're so excited for when we get to have a little brother for our princess

Nathan and Megan 


We have a blue Great Dane and her name is Isis. She will be a year old on 02/14/2013. She is the sweetest thing we have ever met and she fits in to our family perfectly. She loves her sister, our 7 year old daughter, and will protect her to the end. They will fall asleep together on the bed or couch and Isis will have her paws all over Ava, cuddling. We have decided to get another Dane but are still trying to determine what would be the right time. After reading your stories on the website it is clear you are willing to do ANYTHING for your dogs and they will always be part of your family and that warms the heart. Thank you for the heart warming stories and we will be in touch when the time is right for a new puppy. 

Karla & Mike 

Schatzi made our family whole.  One day over 8 weeks and she fit in like the missing puzzle piece.  Both of our boys absolutely adore her.  Although she was intended for 2 year birthday present for Daniel, Jackson ended up being her favorite.  All 3 of them are best friends and she is the sweetest dog I have ever met.  I am so thankful to Penrose Great Danes for helping us find the love of our live and the perfect completion to our family!  I can't wait till the reunion.  : ) 

Cathleen Krause 

Always love looking at the dogs on your site.  They are absolutely beautiful dogs and have been considering adopting a Great Dane for a long time but have not committed just yet.  I have always had mixed breed rescues and struggle with adopting vs rescuing.  Feel it is a very important decision that needs to be right. Thank you for sharing all of your puppy photos that I have enjoyed viewing throughout the years.

Samantha Dowdell 

Hello from Colorado Springs. Well well well.....its been a couple months since we adopted our Dane from you. I must say, my husband and I were amazed by the amount of education information you gave us when we went home with our puppy. We adopted a puppy who was a little bit older and to my surprise she was up-to-date on all of her shots. I don't think most breeders would do that. Freaking awesome.

I still email pictures often. And also to my surprise, Terri responds. After adopting a dog I don't think most breeders would really care about their puppies anymore.

Our Dane is such a sweet girl!! She loves to cuddle. She's a healthy and happy puppy who don't realize her size!! Too funny. I can't wait til October to attend the annual MEETUP!!!

Thanks Terri!

Katherine Wood 

Love Danes!

Jessie & Sean 

Hi Terri & Bobbi! We got Porsche, the beautiful blue brindle, in April. She's almost 9 months and were absolutely in love with her! She is the sweetest puppy. We're so glad we found you guys! We will always have a Great Dane in our life. Thanks for everything!

marlene anthrop 

Not a Dane owner yet, but I will be. Love Great Danes!

Rikki Kaess 

Hi there Great Dane Lovers,

It's been almost 5 years now since we have had a good "sliming", and we are ready for some great dane drool!!!


Interested in your new "dream puppies". Have two already. Can't wait to have another baby to love.

Susan Cheedle 

Hello! We have two dogs ( labs) and love is almost 15 so we are starting to look for another dog. My daughter wants a Great Dane or chihuahua...could it be more opposite? She is 10 and we have twin boys (2) so chihuahua is out :-) we talked to breeders and they are too delicate for small kids. My hubbies sister has a Great Dane ( he is black w white snout) gorgeous! When can we come look at the available puppies? We are committed pet first dog Esther is our 15 yr choc second dog, black lab we put down 2 yrs ago ( she had cancer that spread everywhere and she was in horrible pain) and we have jake ( 3 yr old red fox yellow lab) he is a stud and so good w kids...we love him ( he does shed a ton- how are Great Danes?)

Let us know - Susan Cheedle

Vicki Bresciano 

I'd love to come and see all the babies, I've raised 5 Great Danes, and have had the pleasure of owning 17 total. My fiancee, and I had a big girl Chow-Shepard mix until last Aug. 13 she would have been 14 this year, we loved her so much, we got a puppy (pug) and she added a lot of joy to Shibon's life till she died. I know how great Danes are with other animals, (gentle giants) and I love how short their coats are...Shibon's was everywhere....I know that they are meant to be inside dogs, and I know how much they eat, so I'm hoping to get my sweetie (John ) a Dane. Shibon actually brought us together while I was dog sitting.  (a side job I had) I am like you Terri, I spend a lot of time at home. and have my barber shop in the motor home behind our house. I love the big bark, and kinda need that, since our house isn't in the best of neighborhoods. I will be checking back often, I want a female if possible, I saw some real cuties, can't wait to meet them someday!

Sean O'Hara 

Terri, Bobbi
I love my DOG!  Denali is 4 months old now and almost 50 pounds.  She adjusted great to a house with two small children and will not let them go to bed without sufficient kisses.  I waited years to find a breeder that looked like a good match and I'm happy to say my hard work paid off. Thank you both for such a great new addition to our house!!

Sandra Gee 

I am looking to adopt a great dane in the future so am researching at this time.  My husband and I have grandchildren ranging in age from 3 - 10.  I have always been interested in great danes and like the fact they are good w/ children.  Any input from an experienced great dane owner would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Angela Linebaugh 

Hi Terry! Just looking at all the beautiful babies you have. My sweet Lazuli turned three 04/05. She had a rough last year, tearing both ACL's. She had TPLO Surgery to both knees and has recovered without a hitch. She has always been a crazy runner and the injury hasn't slowed her down. She is still very gentle and so very lovable.....although she is quite the foamer at the dog park! She loves to slime little kids. Haha!! She is quite mouthy and opiniated, never holding back when she wants something. She should be a politician because she loves to quarrel and is probably smarter than most of them! Thanks for giving me such a huge blessing in my Zuli. I hope to adopt another someday. God Bless.....

Jackie and Chad Volosin 

Hello! We are also hoping to adopt and think your Danes are absolutely GORGEOUS! 

Jeannie Reid 

I am so glad I happened upon your website.  I can't wait to get an application and start an adoption of my own


Hi Terri and Bobbi! I adopted "Kessie" from you several years ago. I hope to adopt again. Right now we are having a house built so hopefully you will be hearing from us in the future. How are you guys doing with all the fires? Have you been affected by it? God bless!

Kristy Mueller 

Hi Terri & Bobby,

What beautiful dane puppies you have.  I am excited to see what the new Harlequin litter will look like.  My adoption contract and deposit are already in the mail to you   I was very happy to hear the testimonials about you and your wonderful danes.  

Kristy from Aurora, CO

Melissa Luttrell 

I check out your site very often, I love your beautiful Danes.  I've wanted a Dane for a very long time and have fallen in love with your Danes.  We'll definitely be by to pick up a new little love eventually but until then I'll keep looking at your site and dreaming.  I keep waiting for more Harlequins!   Thank you for all that you do for this amazing breed!

Melissa Luttrell

Dr. Ivan D. Manson 

Having lived wth and loved Danes for 40 years, I was delighted to find you and hope that I can bring home a Dane from Penrose!

Rhonda Brown 

  I have adopted 2 danes from you.  A few months ago I lost my brindle to heart disease.  He was 11 years old.  From the first dog I adopted I knew I would never go to another breeder again.  You have truly purified the breed to what it should be. Thank you for that.  All breeds deserve as much.  My Tonka was the love of my life.  It has now been 7 months and I feel I am able to adopt again.  This is the first time I have visited your site, it is great!   Thank you for doing this.  And thank you for what you're doing for my beloved Great Danes!



I am interested in a blue male puppy. I have already chosen a name. I would like to discuss with you availability of the male puppies. I can be contacted at (303) 371-1308.


I'm in love with all your puppies! I can't wait to hopefully buy one from you!! 



I will be visiting today and am so very excited to check one more item off of my Bucket List! I have wanted to adopt a beautiful Blue for well over 30 years and now is the perfect time in my life to do that! We can't wait to meet #1 and #7, but I don't know how we will choose! 


Hello Terri & Bobby

Just dropping in to leave a quick note about how wonderful it has been to have Clod (aka Doc) in our lives!!  He has such a sweet disposition and is so very loving and gentle!!  Although he cannot hear us with his ears, I know very well that he can "hear" us with his heart!!  He has been quite easy to train, as he picked up potty training and several other hand signals rather quickly. Clod enjoys going for walks but he absolutely loves to be lazy!!  His favorite spots include taking up the entire couch, soaking up the sun out on the deck and of course on our laps (but shhh, we haven't told him that he really ISN'T a lap dog!!)  He is growing up to be quite a LARGE boy!!
Keep up the great work with breeding and raising QUALITY danes!!  No lie, Clod's disposition and his loving, gentle nature has been absolutely amazing!! We look forward to continuing to watch him grow.  He has been a great addition to our family. 
Thank you Terri & Bobby...........looking forward to seeing you in September and meeting all the babies!! 

Denise Roberts 

Oh my goodness!  Your puppies are beautiful.  I love the face on Female #4 and Male #1 and Male #3 and Female #7 and I could go on and on.  I originally had Guido and Izabella.  They were half brother and sister.  Guido died at 6 with OCD which is heart failure but not before we paid $1000 a month to keep him feeling good until he let us know it was time to go.  He was more then a dog, he was a person and one of the greatest loves of my life.  My husband passed away two years earlier so I lost both men in my life in a short amount of time.  Luckily Izabella is 8 1/2 years old and although she has some potty issues now, we just wash her bed and her comforter every day and it works.  Otherwise she is a happy girl.  I married my best friend of 18 years about three years ago.  We got Jazz (N'all that Jazz) when we got back from the Jazz fest three years ago, a week after we lost Guido.  He is a character and such a scooby doo!  I just want to get a pal for him before we lose Izabella and he is still real playful and she isn't so we are ready for a new baby in our lives.  Jazz refuses to sleep on a dog bed.  He sleeps in the middle of our bed or on our head!  As soon as we can figure out a time to come visit, we will come check out those beautiful puppies!. 

Lisa Marie 

Thought we would give you an update since Maggie turned two this month and she is the sweetest and most human animal! We love her so much!  The girls love playing and laying on her on the couch, and she loves hanging out with them in the play room or scoping out the refrigerator with them. Everyone still comments on how beautiful she where ever we take her! Hope you both are doing well! 


These are the cutest puppies i have ever seen!
I may adopt one soon!
Nice to have a good breeder near me!

Jania Marie 

I have never seen puppies this cute in my entire life!
Keep up the great work! 
     -Jania Marie


Just wanted to let you know Romeo is fitting in perfectly. He is so loved and has really added his own spunky style to our family. Thank you for my little blue blessing =)


Hi, my name is Doug
Just wanted to say you have some Beautiful Blue girls on your site. I am in search of a blue female

Shari Hamm 

Hello Penrose Great Danes! I was so impressed with you guys and all of your dogs! I couldn't be happier with our new fawn beauty Dolly she's beautiful and so smart I am blown away with how quick she is picking up training! Not to mention she melts everyone's heart with how sweet and loving she is! I am so glad we found such an amazing breeder close to home!! Keep up the great work! Thank you

Colorado Springs
Shari Hamm



Hi Terri. Bella is doing great,shes already going out side to potty,and is happy running all over... Thank you again. Glad you liked the cheese cake..


We are so happy we made the trip and saw the puppies!  Foxy is a doll and so smart.  Potty trained in two days!  We love her and will post photos as she grows!
Take care and the best to Bob & You!

Faerl Marie 

Hello Penrose,

Your danes are beautiful and I'm happy to find a good breeder near New Mexico. I am hoping to adopt a puppy this summer- are you planning any litters later this year? 


Faerl Marie


Hi Terri ~ I was inquiring if the Blue male #3 is still available, or if he has found a forever home?


Hi Terri!
It sounds like you are doing well and keeping busy with the new litter!  So glad to run back through the website and see Bella's baby photos (Shotzi & Levi).  Bella is doing great! We moved to the Chicago area a little over 2 years ago and now she has 5 acres of open area to stretch her long legs!  I will send some pictures of her soon!  Take care!


Julie Wilkie 


Just a quick note....Roxie(3yrs)  and Stella(6 yrs) are doing great.  They stay inside during this heat wave (with air conditioning).  Looking forward to this years reunion.  Do you have a date for it?


Holly Dennis 

Hi guys!! Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Ryleigh just turned 7 this past March, she is brindle female 1 from Sam and Striders 2004 litter.
We are looking forward to getting a new brindle girl from you soon!!
Holly and Ryleigh

Terrah Nickell 


I love your puppies their adorable. just keep up the great breeding


I was just looking at your Mercedes and Nobles puppies and they are so cute!!!
       I was wondering when the next liter will be born
 I miss Apollo Merle Male 1 Chantilly and Zeuss's liter born on March 11,2001! He just died on December 27, 2010


Thanks for your website.  Our daughter and her husband just bought one of your males and we were glad to be able to see the pictures.  They live in Colorado Springs and we live in Alaska.  He will be 5 months old before we visit and he has already grown a lot.

Eric & Kristine Matheny 

Just wanted to thank you guys again for allowing us to adopt our 3 danes, Molly, Lucy & Titus! They are amazing and we enjoy them every day! They are a handful and a half, but a joy!!!
We will continue to keep you updated with thier progress but so far it's as if they've been together thier entire life! I can't imagine our lives without our GIANT puppies
Thank you for what you do for the dogs and the breed!

Jay and Annie bartoli 

Hi Terry,it's jay and Annie Bartoli. Our Dane is awsome .Earl the pearl is doing well . He will be 2yrs old soon great addition to the family,he gets along with everyone I will E mail photos soon.
thanks Jay
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