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The Schrams 

We adopted our baby Bo from your home and I have to say, this is exactly what our family needed. I have a wife, & 2 boys (3 & 1yr old) and our Bo is the most well mannered dog I've ever met. At only 9 weeks old, he is 100% housebroken & potty trained. He is so gentle with my sons that we let him sleep in bed with us all every night. Your establishment and home is amazing. Bo was a blessing in disguise for my family. I cant tha k you Bobby & Terri enough.

Vicki Woodbridge 

I am curious about your dogs. I lost my best friend "Zhuk" last year. ( Fawn great Dane) so am thinking about a new puppy.

Christina Hammit 

I have visited your site for a little while now and can't wait to hear from you about a dane puppy! Love your site and all your beloved fur babies!

Dani Garcia 

Good morning,

I have been visiting your website for awhile now, and hopefully can be adopting a Dane from you in the future. Our harlequin dane Zimba passed away 2 days ago at 11 1/2 years. He was a rescue and we had him for over 7 years. We are devastated but know he is in a better place. He brought so much joy to our lives and was a part of the family. It's been great seeing your website and how the Danes are taken care of!

Jeff & Joyce Lennon  

Just signing to say hi as we peruse your site. Will be contacting you to schedule an appointment to visit.

Heidi Okuno 

Hi Terrie,
My name is Heidi and I adopted my beautiful girl Mercedes in May 1998! She passed in 2008 and we have not owned another dog since, I miss her very much! I am so glad I found your website because I hope to maybe next year start looking to get another pup!

Heather Wien 

So glad I found this site. I hope to be a proud mom to a new Great Dane very soon. I have been looking forward to this day for a very LONG time.

John and Bryce O'Brien 

Good morning Terri, it is with great sadness that I write to let you know our dear sweet Brodie went to the rainbow bridge yesterday at 4:30pm at almost 10 years old.  He was part of Mickee and Sirus' litter from 1/18/08 and was the best boy.  He was kind and sweet and had a long and happy life with our family.  He was well known in our community and much loved.  He was diagnosed with wobblers and degenerative spine disease a few years back through MRI but was always happy and loved being with his family.  His spine gave up on him though and he told us it was time to go.  We are heartbroken as his presence was always so powerful but we are so happy with the memories of 10 full years with our baby boy.  He was so beautiful and majestic and took 1st place in a Great Dane Calendar contest in 2016. He was Mr. December 2016.  We miss him dearly but know he is running with the big dogs now as he can again 


I have dreamt of the day I could bring a Great Dane home I would love to make this a reality ! Looking for a male puppy . I have wanted this bread since childhood. Would love to hear back, see what’s available or get on a wait list to get one ! Thanks so much ~lisa

Jacki (Caone’s mom) 

I adopted Capone (born 4/5/09) when he was just an 18 lb baby. He will be 9 in a five months and is doing great. He is healthy, happy, and still has the energy of a puppy. He has started to get some graying on his muzzle, but otherwise you would think he was half his age. In the last eight and a half years he hasn’t had any health issues, aside from a sensitive stomach. His joints hadn’t bothered him at all until recently, but with extra walks he isnt showing any signs of joint pain. He is an amazing dog and my best friend. He even lets my two cats and two tortoises share his bed (not all at once of course). He is faithful, protective - without being aggressive, loves people and animals, and smart. I am constantly getting compliments on how beautiful and well mannered he is. When the time comes, I will only get another Dane from Penrose because of the love and care they put into breeding and raising their dogs. They breed truly amazing and healthy animals.

Danica Cale 

I was referred to your website while at the vet today. I have raised Rottweilers for the last 12 years and have a 6 month old Rott. I had to put my “old guy” Roddie 12 1/2 yrs old down last month. Helga, the puppy has a few Dane friends and I am interested in adding a Dane to our home. I am interested in your 7 month old Fawn.

Scott Williams 

As of last weekend this is the first time in our lives together (36 years) we're dog free and we don't like it!! we need to plan a visit. 

Peter and Sue 

We just lost our labradoodle to cancer. We have a 3 year old greyhound that we rescued. We live on a 3/4 acre mountain top in a gated community in manitou springs. We were thinking of getting an adult (4 years or younger) to be a companion to our greyhound. We have no kids. Our property is fully fenced. How about looking us over? Love your most wanted list. People like that ought to be put in a kennel. 719-339-4449

Chad Whitaker 

Love love my danes. Wifeys old man aussie has started his trek to the rainbow bridge,but not quite there yet. Wray charles, our black dane isn't going to know what to do with himself once he goes. He's never been an only dog. We would love to get mr Wray charles a buddy before Sir callahan crosses over. Like your website

Becky Howard 

Have a 12 yo black female dane who we adore. Shes an old gal!!!! We will want another dane to go with our dachshunds and your danes look great. We live in La Veta.


Hi Terri. I just wanted you to know that we had to put our beautiful Sophie down. She is from Serius and Mercedes litter from February 17, 2007. I thought I should let you know. I miss her so much. She was my angel. My heart is shattered beyond repair.

Mindy Jones (Tucker's mom) 

My son contacted you about flowery blue #5 we are hoping she is still available In a few days as this is a large investment for our family. We have researched and are excited to extend with a dane so if it is ment to be then we will make an appointment and have saved the money.
Mindy Jones

Barry Romig 

Looking for more Information.Thanks

Sandi nolan 

HI Terri, I am looking for a male Great Dane. I had a wonderful fawn male Dane named Jackson that passed away 3yrs ago at 9yrs old.I am now ready to welcome another male into our home. It has been very hard not having a big wonderful Dane in our home and we are ready to love another.

Thank you ,
Golden ,co

Tom McGlew 

Our daughter Kelly and Son in law Corey Eager came today to visit Harley Quinn. They are so excited to have Harley join their family. You beautiful dogs. We are in Chandler AZ.

Debbie Rutherford 

We have a wonderful Great Dane named klaus who is 2 now and we are now looking for a 2nd. To add to our family.

Connie Balcerovich 

Hi Terri,
We adopted a Blue and Gold Macaw from you back in 2006 (his birthday is May 16, 2006) and we fell in love with your Great Danes.
I know they are taken great care of by you and your husband. We could tell this by how large and clean their kennels were. We might be looking for a male Merle. I see you have one available. We are still thinking about it, but haven't quite made up our minds. How long are they usually available and what is your price?
Love, love, love all the pics!

Connie & Jim
in Colorado Springs

M. Kim Johnson 

We picked up our new baby, Lily Marleen (a little history to that name).  That was Saturday Jan 28th, 2017.  She is everything we imagined and more.  WE have had a dane in our home almost continually since my son, Jesse, was born in 1978 and don't know what to do without one.  Our last was a blue we named Cali.  She was great.  Now we have a new fawn with a very different personality.  All Danes have Dane personality and unique personality.  Lily is one of the most curious, loving  and active puppies we have ever had.  She met a horse (Cysco) yesterday - just a nose sniff, because she is too little to out in the corral still.  Cysco loves Danes.  He plays with them.  Our other dogs are still confused and sorting out this new baby.  Gotta go.  She is sleepy, but in the other room and I'm the only adult in the house at the moment!

Jane Johnson 

We adopted Callie from Penrose on Christmas Eve day in 2007.  My daughter and I drove her back to Albuquerque, and presented her to my adult son (whom I live with) as a "Merry Christmas" joy.  Callie was our 5th family Great Dane, a beautiful blue girl.  We lost her to cancer in September this year, which broke our hearts.
Callie was gentle, loving, and had a most unusual intelligence!  She would come to us and try to "talk".  No sound, other than maybe a breathy whisper, but tried to pronounce words with her mouth and lips.  When she did this, she always had a message that we could decipher if we paid attention, got up and followed her.
   Easy to train, didn't chew the house up when young, and such a joy for years.  Interacted with our other dogs and our horses.  We never had a couch to ourselves again, but couches and Danes go together (in our experience.)  Big girl with solid bones, she was an easy keeper, healthy until ill at the end.  
   Penrose did well for us.  We are calling them again, as our home feels too empty without a Dane.  When I went to get Callie, I was so impressed that all of the adults seemed so friendly and well-adjusted.  If Callie is an example, the disposition of their dogs in outstanding.

Jane Johnson 

We adopted Callie from Penrose on Christmas Eve day in 2007.  My daughter and I drove her back to Albuquerque, and presented her to my adult son (whom I live with) as a "Merry Christmas" joy.  Callie was our 5th Great Dane, a beautiful blue girl.  We lost her to cancer in September this year, which broke our hearts.
Callie was gentle, loving, and had a most unusual intelligence!  She would come to us and try to "talk".  No sound, other than maybe a breathy whisper, but tried to pronounce words with her mouth and lips.  When she did this, she always had a message that we could decipher if we paid attention, got up and followed her.
   Easy to train, didn't chew the house up when young, and such a joy for years.  Interacted with our other dogs and our horses.  We never had a couch to ourselves again, but couches and Danes go together (in our experience.)  Big girl with solid bones, she was an easy keeper, healthy until ill at the end.  
   Penrose did well for us.  We are calling them again, as our home feels too empty without a Dane.  When I went to get Callie, I was so impressed that all of the adults seemed so friendly and well-adjusted.  If Callie is an example, the disposition of their dogs in outstanding.

Ronnie Hodgson 

My wife and I have lost our Capone last month one day before our wedding anniversary. He was a mantle great dane, and almost 2 years old. We were in the process of buying a home when this happened. We did end up purchasing the home now its just my wife and I. Just wanted to check out the pics of available puppies that might be available for the beging of the new year.
Thank you for your time.

Pam Johnson 

We have a Great Dane, he is a Fawn and his name is Duke. We just lost his brother Max, a weimareiner ....Duke and I have bonded even more since Max left us, 3 weeks ago. I am not ready yet emotionally to get a puppy but Duke is depressed I think....he's always been very relaxed even with other animals but we are going on drives, walking more and he's doing ok.
I only share this because your stories, your WHY and the most wanted made me cry .....our next dog will be a Great Dane for sure. I wanted to say thank you for being so good to them, so loving and so giving. You guys are amazing and I hope we might see you soon. Love my babies, my animals.

Robin Bonner 

Hi guys well I adopted Lady Stetson nov of 2002 & have loved her for 13yr's.It was yr ago this past march since she's gone 2 heaven.My heart aches but I just look @ all the pic's we have together & the memories I hold dear.Stetsie & I had adopted a 8 week old lab/golden retriever mix named Bo-roper @ the humane socity.She did such a great job in raise'n him!They loved each other so much.Bo & I are ready 2 have another great in our life tho Lady Stetson will never be forgotton.I can't think of any other place 2 go then back 2 Terri & Penrose Kennel where once again I'll find the perfectDane/friend for my family.

Patty Eaton 

Hello Terri and family! Been quite a while since we brought home Maggie (adult) and Merlin (blue male 4/5/09). Thought I would share an update. Maggie lived two years with us before going to heaven. She enjoyed mountain walks, camping and fishing in the high lakes. Merlin is now 7 years and is the King of the family. He and my daughter are a great team and he has helped her grow through her high school and college years. Merlin is a magnificent representation of the breed and is a treasured member of our family. He will grow old with me when my daughter leaves home to begin her career. May God continue to bless you and your family in the loving work you do to responsibly protect and grow the Great Dane breed. They are like no others!

Candee Villanueva 

We purchased our first Great Dane from Terri and Bobby at Penrose Great Danes in April 2016.  Our Remmy is almost 14 weeks old now and she is hands down, THE best puppy we've ever had!!  Our vet said she was in immaculate condition, very sound, growing perfectly.  She is the sweetest "little" (I use that term lightly because she's going to be very large) girl I've ever known!  As soon as we're ready for our Dane #2, we will ONLY be purchasing another one from Penrose Great Danes!  Sound, intelligent, caring, well versed breeders for sure with puppies to back it up!  
We cannot thank you enough for producing the best Dane's for our families!!!
Candee, Toby, Kyle, Ethan and Remmy Villanueva


We brought Sasha, our mantle Dane into our lives 8 weeks ago and she has been the best dog we have ever owned!  If you are looking for a Great Dane, look no further.  Terri will treat you right and it's obvious that they love their pups and making sure they all get loving homes.  When (not if) we get another Dane we will be making another trip to Penrose.  : )

Jamie lewis 

We adopted our first Great Dane from Penrose Kennel and Mr. Atticus is a complete delight in our life. Terri and Bobby where completely open and honest with me in regards to Atticus and his history. They are a pleasure to meet, speak with, educate new owners, and very fast to reply to concerns and questions via email.
I took Atticus to the vet for a wellness exam and he passed with flying colors. It was amazing how fast Terri got me his past medical records. Atticus has found his forever home with great thanks to Penrose Kennels!

Gretchen Van Dolzer 

Doc turned 12 years old today.  Doing great for an old dane.  [IMG_0237]


I have enjoyed many different breeds of dogs throughout my life. But, I have to say that my St. Bernard, Boris, was the love of my life as well as my 2 young sons. He was truly a "GENTLE GIANT"! I was lucky to bring him into our home September of '98. We had Boris until May 2008 and he left us here on his bed with 12 teenagers my husband and I and our new baby when the vet came to put him down. We still have three dogs and one of my sons is now moving out with one so I am ready for another Gentle Giant. I've been looking through websites for more than a year and this website struck a chord in my heart. I will keep watching these wonderful people and what they are doing and hope to contact soon. I am far away in Long Island New York and getting my new boy here is my biggest worry. But I'm sure they have an answer for that like they do anything having to do with these beautiful Great Danes!

Dee Kane 

It was nice to see there are still a few breeders doing fawns and brindles. I live in southwest Washington, and all I seem to see are blues and hares and merles. They are lovely, don't get me wrong, but my heart is set on a fawn or brindle. I currently have a five year old bridle boy, but would love to add a second dane to my pack. I lost my adopted black boy in January to osteosarcoma. You seem to have some cute pups. What are their temperaments like. My boy is very submissive with other dogs, but also very well socialized.

JoLynn Garza 

Hello, Great Danes are one of most loving and protective dogs you can find. Penrose Kennels does the same for the Danes... I have been on your website many times over the past 6 years.  More so lately after by babyboy Doyle had to be put down due to age and cancer. He would of been 8 this past December. I truly miss him everyday and so does my daughter he was her guardian angel...

We hope soon to be able to come and find our new family member ...Doyle can not be replaced but remembered with happiness..

Megan Hanni 

Hey Terri! I have had a Great Dane for 10 years and we had to put him down a few months ago.  So heart breaking to lose your baby!  He was a harlequin male Great Dane.  I got my first dog on puppy finder 10 years ago and have been looking on there from time to time.  I live in Denver Colorado and thought it would be better to look in Colorado for a possible new baby.  I love Great Danes and can't imagine having any other kind of dog.  If you can call or email me I would love to see what puppies you have available!  Have a great day.  Megan Hanni 303-638-8342

Kelly Martin 


Hello Terri and Bobby!

I am so happy to have come across your page. My name is Kelly Martin and I have just recently moved to Denver, Colorado. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a Great Dane puppy for quite some time, but wanted to get it from the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. You seem very kind on your website and show that you care tremendously for your pups. Anyways, I know this is quite a long process and I’m sure you’d like to get to know me first. I am available to chat whenever, so please feel free to send me an email!


Mass Visitor 

Hello from up here in MA. I am interested in adopting a Great Dane puppy after we buy our house. We have a little pugapoo that I just adore but I have a special needs child that likes to take off bringing him for unpermitted walks. I grew up with a Dane, actually that is how I learned to walk by holding onto her collar. She is my reasoning for wanting to get one to be my daughter's companion. I know how protective she was yet how gentle. Let's just be real, the little guy is probably not going to be able to protect her the way I want and I have no doubt a Dane would. When we are all set up and situated I would like to take a road trip to see what you have available. Why you? Because it seems as though you don't just say you love the babies, but you back it up with your actions and that means a ton.

Denise Roberts 

You have beautiful puppies and I have been searching for breeders like you. My two Danes (both Fawn) sleep on the bed, the couch, wherever they want. They have a doggie door to come and go as they please. My pups are my children. I think I am exactly the type of person you want. I kiss my dogs on the lips! I would like to receive an adoption agreement. I am interest in the three female fawns you have but of course until I meet them I can't tell which one it is! May I ask you to please send me an adoption agreement. You can PDF it to me. Thank you so much. I am very excited.

Kylie Myers 

I loved your site and myself and my husband are interested in buying one of your Danes when we are ready and have the room for such a big and beautiful dog. Myself as a trainer love to see breeders who take such pride in their dogs and go to the extreme every time for the breed and truly love their dogs.

Robin Bagley 

I have been searching for a site that breeds Great Danes. Have looked at a lot of sites and this one impressed me with the amount of care you have for your Great Danes.mi am interested in purchasing a puppy for you! Thanks

Bill & Lyn Kerker 

Here is a picture of Tess at 2 1/2 yrs. She is the most gentle soul and fantastic companion! Great with other dogs and our grandchildren!! She was a puppy from the Athena and Diesel pairing. Thank you Terry and Bobby for the amazing husbandry and rescues that you perform!!!  Bill & Lyn Kerker
Bill Kerker's photo.


We purchased blue male #4 from the Jan 17th litter that Terri had. Groo as he is named came into our lives on March 15. Terri was very helpful and a great person to deal with. We would highly recommend Terri and Penrose Kennels to ANYONE who wants to add a Dane to their family. Thanks again Terri.

Sandy Spencer 


I have had my Sephee Girl for 10 years and hoping for another couple. I love her so very much.  She has been my rock through thick & thin.  Ever so healthy that girl of mine.   Thank you so very much Terri or Bobby. [smile]

Jason & Sierra 

After a very long time researching and drooling over this breed, daydreaming and saving up for this special moment, we woke up one morning to the spontaneous thought of driving to Penrose to check out their new litters.  Now our lives are about to change and we could not be happier!  We now get to bring a beautiful brindle male (Hans) into our home in less than 2 weeks.  

Upon meeting with Terri and Bobby, we instantly gained confidence in choosing them as our breeder.  They were patient with us as we "ooh-ed" and "aah-ed" over the gorgeous puppies in the litter trying to pick out just one.  What a tough decision that was!  The sire was such a handsome guy and had such a fun personality and the dam had perfect brindle markings and such sweet manners.  We knew that "little" Hans was going to be the perfect enhancement to our lives!

We love talking about our experience thus far with everyone we have contact with each day.  I wouldn't be surprised if the demand for Penrose Danes skyrocketed over the past two months!  Ha-ha!  

Thank you, Terri and Bobby, for everything!  We can't wait bring Hans into his forever home!

Debbie & Josh 

We drove down to Penrose several weeks ago, and picked out our new baby boy Jaxx. Born on Dec.17th, a very handsome  Fawn. Looking forward to bringing him home in February. The whole family is very excited!


Am looking at these puppies, going to come pick one out, and I absolutely can't wait! So excited! I love this breed so much, and can't wait to bring one home!


We have just chosen the newest addition to our family, a brindle male we have named Moose. He will be here February 8th and we couldn't be more excited. I just want to let everyone know how much of a joy it has been speaking with Terri she was very patient in answering all my questions and always prompt with a response. Can't wait for the big moose to get here!


Hello been looking for a great Dane for awhile now. We're getting a house the beginning of February and hopefully looking forward into talking to you about your beautiful great Danes. I would love to add one to our family. Thank you so much and hope I hear from you.
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